Top of the Broths

The Ramen craze slowly creeping into London since 2012, is now exploding.

There are oodles of these yummy noodle-soup eateries popping up all over the show, and I only jumped on this bandwagon a little under 6 months ago. Oh, and I haven’t stopped banging on about it since. In fact, I experience daily cravings for the stuff.

It all started at Shoryu Ramen. These guys have three joints in Piccadilly and Soho, and have long held the title of Ramen experts in the capital. Shoryu pride themselves on their Hakata Tonkotsu Broth, with a thick, creamy texture.

Never did I think a soup-based meal could achieve such satisfaction. Moorish wheat noodles dunked in a silky (12 hour) slow-cooked pork bone broth with soft boiled egg, tender sliced soy marinated pork and Japanese pickled veg. What’s not to love?

But watch out for more Ramen royalty causing a stir in the city, Ippudo and Kanada-Ya are equally as impressive.

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