It’s Easter, so it’s time to stuff yourself with chocolate of the egg variety. My first attempt at making these was last year, and my friends never stopped banging on about them. Little do they know, the effort to make these delights is minimal, with maximum impact.

So, here’s the recipe for y’all!


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Bombay Brunch: Dishoom

This is my fifth visit, and the food has never let me down; breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

photo 4

Brunch is something we seem to have jumped all over in recent years. It is now acceptable, and cool, to show up to a trendy eatery at the weekend sporting a horrific hangover, ready to consume stupid amounts of food – and perhaps even a bloody mary or two. 

Our current infatuation with brunch is the reason Instagram is now a haven for photos of eggs served all kinds of ways, slathered in hollandaise sauce. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Royale or Benedict, but my favourite brunch spot bucks the current trend and still remains hugely popular for Londoners.

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